Thursday, April 18, 2013

AWS Diagrams Adobe Illustrator Object Collection: First Release


Due to popular demand I've decided to release the collection of vector graphics objects I use to draw Amazon Web Services architecture diagrams. This is the first release and more are on the way. This is an Adobe Illustrator CS5 (.AI) file. I've obtained this artwork from the original AWS Architecture PDF files published at the AWS Architecture Center.
You can use Adobe Illustrator to open this file and to create your diagrams or you can export these objects to SVG format and use GNU software to work with them. The file has been saved in "PDF Compatibility Mode" so plenty of utilities can import it without the need of using Adobe Illustrator (With Inkscape for instance).

- I provide this content as it is. No further support of any kind can be provided. I'd love to receive your comments and suggestions but I can not help you drawing diagrams.
- As far as I know this content is not copyrighted (1). Feel free to use it.
- Those designs have been created by a brilliant and extraordinary person that works in AWS. I'm just a channel of communication here. All credits should go to him.

Download link:


And that's it. Comments are welcome. Have fun and enjoy!