Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amazon Web Services CloudFront Edge Locations Codes


Following the thread opened with my previous post about AWS CloudFront Edge Locations Codes, here there is an updated list.

Amazon Web Services names their Edge Locations after the closest International Airport IATA Code.

AMS1  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AMS50 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ARN1  Stockholm, Sweden
ATL50 Atlanta, Georgia
BOM2  Mumbai, India
CDG3  Paris, France
CDG50 Paris, France
CDG51 Paris, France
DFW3  Dallas, Texas
DFW50 Dallas, Texas
DUB2  Dublin, Ireland
EWR2  Newark, New Jersey
FRA2  Frankfurt, Germany
FRA50 Frankfurt, Germany
FRA6  Frankfurt, Germany
GRU1  Sau Paulo, Brazil
GIG50 Rio de Janerio, Brazil
HKG1  Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
HKG50 Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
IAD12 Ashburn, Virginia
IAD2  Ashburn, Virginia
IAD53 Ashburn, Virginia
ICN50 Seoul, South Corea
IND6  South Bend, Indiana
JAX1  Jacksonville, Florida
JFK1  Nueva York, New York
JFK5  Nueva York, New York
JFK6  Nueva York, New York
LAX1  Los Angeles, California
LAX3  Los Angeles, California
LHR3  London, United Kingdom
LHR5  London, United Kingdom
LHR50 London, United Kingdom
MAA3  Chennai, India
MAD50 Madrid, Spain
MIA3  Miami, Florida
MIA50 Miami, Florida
MNL50 Manila, Philippines
MRS50 Marseille, France 
MXP4  Milan, Italy
NRT12 Tokyo, Japan
NRT52 Tokyo, Japan
NRT53 Tokyo, Japan
NRT54 Tokyo, Japan
SEA4  Seattle, Washington
SEA50 Seattle, Washington
SFO4  San Francisco, California
SFO5  San Francisco, California
SFO9  San Francisco, California
SIN2  Republic of Singapore
SIN3  Republic of Singapore
STL2  St. Louis, Missouri
SYD1  Sydney, Australia
TPE50 Taipei, Taiwan
WAW50 Warsaw, Poland 

Total = 55
Note: This is an historic list. Some of these Edge Location codes are not longer active.

Official Information: AWS Global Infrastructure

The Edge Location code is present in the CloudFront access logs (3rd field). To activate access logs for your CloudFront distribution follow these instructions.

Would you like to see them on the map? Check this Google Maps about Amazon Web Services.


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