Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Still Plays With Blocks" T-Shirt AWS Diagrams are here!

My T-Shirts for the event are here!


And they look cool! :D


  1. wow!! so cool i want this t-shirt for my boy friend can you please tell me from where i can get it
    Sport Tek Dri Mesh

  2. Kristina,
    I'm glad you like it.
    This t-shirt is custom made. If you write me I'll send you the PDF file to print it on a t-shirt.

  3. Update! Now you can download my first collection of AWS Diagrams Objects to use them on your own diagrams. Check this out!

  4. The present hats are available for all kinds of personalization as well. Some of the custom dad hats have their names printed on them while some of the custom embroidered hats have their favorite logos on the brim or on the front of the hat. EMPATH DAD HAT