Saturday, November 17, 2012

What I would like to bring from Las Vegas AWS re:Invent 2012 ?

Amazon Web Services Re:Invent 2012 Las Vegas

My wish list:

- I would like a handshake with Jeff Barr, AWS Evangelist and leader of its official blog. I think he's doing and excellent job and I admire how he manage to find time to accomplish his tasks.

- I would like a handshake with Carlos Conde, AWS Europe Solutions Architect. I had the opportunity of helping him at the last Navigate the Cloud Barcelona/Madrid and there I have discovered that he is the designer of the awesome design used in all the AWS Official Architecture Diagrams. He is an excellent communicator and as it turns out, he is brilliant graphic designer. I have no words to express my admiration.

- I would like a handshake with Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix. I red him (without me been aware of) back when I was a Solaris enthusiast and I like his way of communicate: Sharp, sober and with a little touch of humor.

- I would like to have some beers with my friends of They are going to be there and I have a present for them (and for the people mentioned above). What it is? You will see ;)

- I would like to know if there is an AWS Architect Certification on the road map and if so, details about it. Now you have an official architecting training course but I hope there is more coming about this topic.

- I would like to know the plans to implement native Hot-Link protection for CloudFront. This was an issue some time ago for S3 but now is solved with referral control. Some of my customers would like that to happen for CloudFront as well.

- I would like to know if there is any plan to adopt BGP routing for Disaster and Recovery solutions. AWS is doing an effort to become the perfect choice when it comes to D&R and I think it is. The option of having a "sleeping infrastructure" waiting for a disaster to happen and booting up when that happens is... priceless. And the cherry on the cake would be the option of route customer Public IP traffic (Only for costumers with their own Autonomous System, of course).

- I would like to suggest to the EC2 Team the idea of not auto-terminating EC2 Instances living into and Auto Scaling Group until their "paying hour" has been spent. When in an Auto Scaling Group, the EC2 instances are automatically launched and terminated. That's the way it should be. But if the application load decreases, could happen that an instance that was brought to life 30 minutes ago will be terminated (no longer needed) and you will waste the other remaining 30 minutes. Would be nice to have an option to tell AS not to terminate an instance until the whole hour has passed.

- And learn, meet interesting people and have fun :)

My tentative agenda:

Tuesday 10/28/2012
APN Partner Summit 

Wednesday 11/28/2012 

10:30 AM-11:20 AM Room 3205: RMG205 Decoding Your AWS Bill 
10:30 AM-11:20 AM Room 3004: STP204 Pinterest Pins AWS! Running Lean on AWS Once You've Made It 

01:00 PM-01:50 PM Room Venetian A: RMG204 Optimizing Costs with AWS 
01:00 PM-01:50 PM Room 3404: ENT205 Drinking our own Champagne:'s Adoption of AWS 

02:05 PM-02:55 PM Room Venetian B: STG301 Using Amazon Elastic Block Store 
02:05 PM-02:55 PM Room 3205: CPN203 Saving with EC2 Spot Instances 

03:25 PM-04:15 PM Room 3004: BDT301 High Performance Computing in the Cloud 
03:25 PM-04:15 PM Room 3202: SPR208 Hitting Your Cloud's Usage Sweet Spot (Presented by Newvem) 

04:30 PM-05:20 PM Room 3404: STP101 What Can You Do With $100? 
04:30 PM-05:20 PM Room Venetian C: ARC203 Highly Available Architecture at Netflix 

Thursday 11/29/2012 

10:30 AM-11:20 AM Room Venetian C: ARC204 AWS Infrastructure Automation 
10:30 AM-11:20 AM Room Venetian D: STG205 Amazon S3: Reduce costs, save time, and better protect your data 

11:35 AM-12:25 PM Room Venetian A: ARC202 Architecting for High Availability & Multi-Availability Zones on AWS 
11:35 AM-12:25 PM Room Venetian B: CPN208 Failures at Scale and How to Ignore Them 

03:00 PM-03:50 PM Room 3305: CPN202 Run More for Less 
03:00 PM-03:50 PM Room 3101B: CPN206 Learning From the Masters 

04:05 PM-04:55 PM Room 3404: BDT204 Awesome Applications of Open Data 
04:05 PM-04:55 PM Room Venetian D: STG302 Archive in the Cloud with Amazon Glacier 

05:10 PM-06:00 PM Room Venetian B: CPN209 Your Linux Amazon Machine Image 
05:10 PM-06:00 PM Room 3205: CPN211 My Data Center Has Walls that Move 

To anyone around Las Vegas those days:

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